Student Responsibilities

Students with accommodations are often surprised to learn the difference in the level of personal responsibility between high school and college. Self-advocacy skills are necessary at the college level. Use this guidance to stay on track:

Use the DS Student Portal

Students registered with our office use the online DS Student Portal to manage their accommodations.  A Registration appointment with a DS counselor is required to set up DS Portal access. Returning students who have not yet set up Portal access must schedule a Check-In appointment to set up Portal access and continue their accommodations. 

Through the DS Portal, we use University email to confirm and notify. You will use the DS Portal to submit your accommodation requests and send uour Accommodation Letters to your instructors every semester. Once you submit your accommodation request, you receive a confirmation email with important details. When your faculty confirm receipt of your accommodation letters, you receive an email. When you schedule a test in the DS Test Center, you receive a confirmation email. Be sure to check email regularly.

Request Accommodations Each Semester

Students are responsible for using the DS Student Portal to request accommodations and send Accommodation Letters to faculty each semester. You'll need to engage with the DS Student Portal each semester that you need accommodations. If you need assistance, please let us know and schedule an Advising or Semester Check-In appointment! Students also use the DS Student Portal to schedule tests, request note takers, and download class notes, if applicable.

Meet with Faculty

Even though many DS processes are online, students are still responsible for meeting with their instructors to discuss their accommodations. It's important to know yourself and to understand your accommodations when talking with your instructors about your accommodation needs. Follow up with faculty by email or schedule time to meet with them during their office hours.

Schedule Tests Via the DS Portal 

Students who qualify for testing accommodations use the DS Portal to schedule tests and final exams in the DS Test Center. Only tests that are in person and on campus may be scheduled in the Test Center.  Students are responsible for scheduling their tests in a timely manner. Schedule 7 days in advance for Fall and Spring; 3 days in advance for Summer. Final exam deadlines will vary and are posted on our website and in the DS Portal. Professors receive notification when you submit your test or final exam requests and must approve the test request.

Address Any Concerns or Changes
in a Timely Manner 

If your needs change or you have concerns related to your accommodations, notify your DS counselor as soon as possible. If the situation is complex, schedule an "Advisement" appointment with your DS counselor to get further assistance.

Use Campus Resources

Remember to utilize other campus supports! A list of campus resources is included in the Student Handbook that was emailed to you after your Registration appointment.