DS PORTAL: ONLINE SYSTEM for Students, Faculty, and Volunteer Note Takers  


The Office of Disability Services is the University office designated to determine reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. 

Our Mission

The Office of Disability Services works to ensure that students with disabilities have access to education and campus life at the University. Through collaboration with the institution’s diverse community, Disability Services facilitates accommodations, discourse, and engagement to promote a universally accessible learning environment for all.

Important Dates

  • May 23: First Day of Classes for Sumer First Half Term and Summer Full Term
  • May 30: Memorial Day - No Classes
  • June 27: Last day of Summer First Half Term Classes
  • June 25: Summer 1st Term Finals Deadline - Schedule in DS Portal to Test in DS Test Center
    • Only finals administered in person and on campus may be scheduled in the Test Center
  • June 28-29: Summer First Half Term Final Exams
  • June 30-July 2: No Classes
  • July 4: July 4th Holiday - University Closed
  • July 5: First Day of Classes - Summer Second Half Term
  • Aug 8: Last Day of Classes - Summer 2nd Half and Summer Full
  • Aug 9-10: Final Exams

Need Accommodations?

Students who need accommodations first need to submit appropriate documentation of their disability to our office for review. Our documentation forms and detailed information on how to register for services can be found on our website.

Access for Visitors and Students at Public Campus Events

Students or visitors to campus who need accommodations for a public campus event should contact Disability Services at 704-687-0040 or disability@uncc.edu. For more information, visit the University's Accessibility website.