Dining Accommodations

Reasonable dining accommodations for individuals with documented disabilities that impact their dietary needs can be considered. Reasonable accommodations are determined individually, on a case-by-case basis, and are intended to remove barriers to access.

UNC Charlotte offers a wide variety of dining options in different locations across campus. Dining Services offers a number of flexible meal plans. Sometimes, though, students need dining accommodations because of documented disability needs. Students who require accommodations to their meal plan for disability-related reasons need to submit the Housing & Dining Accommodations Request Form, completed by their treating medical professional. To download this specific forms and for information on submitting documentation, visit our Documentation page. Once the documentation has been reviewed, a dietitian referral and a virtual meeting with a DS staff member are often needed in order for our team to be able to address the request effectively.

The University cannot entertain dining or meal plan accommodations that are based on food preferences, the desire to prepare one’s own meals, or perceived food intolerances that cannot be medically verified as rising to the level of a disability.