FM System

Frequency modulation (FM) systems, also referred to as Assistive Listening Devices (ALD), are like miniature radio stations operating on special frequencies. An FM system separates the sounds, particularly speech, from background noise. The system consists of a transmitter microphone used by the speaker (such as the teacher in the classroom, or the speaker at a lecture) and a receiver used by the student, the listener. The receiver transmits the sound to the ears or directly to the hearing aid.

Students who need an FM System in the classroom should contact Disability Services to discuss with a DS counselor.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Wear a portable microphone and repeat questions/comments from the audience and/or pass the microphone to other classroom speakers.

Student Responsibilities

  • You may use your own FM System/ALD if you have one. If you do not have one, Disability Services can loan one to you upon completion of your Registration or Semester Check-In appointment.
  • Contact your instructors to discuss and arrange the use of the system.
  • Bring the system to all class meetings in good working order.
  • Report any problems with the system to both the instructor and your Disability Services counselor.