Academic Accommodations

Interactive Process

The Office of Disability Services is the campus office designated to determine accommodations for UNC Charlotte students with disabilities. Our approach is student-centered, strength-based, and interactive.

Disability Services offers a wide range of academic accommodations that are individualized and based upon the student’s documented disability. Once documentation has been approved, students meet with their assigned DS staff member to determine their accommodations. This remains a collaborative process throughout the student’s time at UNC Charlotte. If any changes arise with accommodation needs, students should contact their assigned DS staff member to discuss.

Not Retroactive

It is important to understand that accommodations are not retroactive and only begin once students notify their faculty by providing their accommodation letter. Students should meet with their faculty to discuss their accommodations. Students in online classes should follow up with faculty via email to discuss accommodations.


Though not an exhaustive list, the following are some of the accommodations available to students when appropriate: