Transfer Students

Did you know that UNC Charlotte enrolls more Transfer Students than any other school in North Carolina? The Office of Disability Services is here to assist transfer students with disabilities. The processes for requesting accommodations may differ somewhat from your previous institution, and we want to help make the transition as seemless as possible. Things to know about registering with Disability Services:

  1. To Start the Process, submit documentation of your disability to Disability Services. You’ll find information about documenting a disability and be able to download the required documentation forms from our Documentation page. Students new to Charlotte’s Disability Services should submit documentation online via our DS Student Portal.
  2. Allow Time for the Documentation Review: Once submitted, documentation is reviewed by a DS counselor to determine eligibility for services. The review process typically takes 7 business days. Once a determination is made, you will receive notification to your University email regarding eligibility status and next steps.
  3. Once Eligible, Schedule a Registration Appointment with a DS Counselor: In this appointment, you and the counselor will engage in an interactive process to identify reasonable, appropriate accommodations. This collaboration continues throughout your time at the University. Registration for services is not complete until you meet with a DS counselor.
  4. Introduction to the DS Portal: In your Registration appointment, the DS counselor will explain how to use the DS Portal to manage your accommodations, including how to send your Accommodation Letters to your professors.

Disability-related information is private and protected by FERPA. No information regarding your disability or accommodations is ever indicated on your transcripts. If you have questions about services or accommodations, contact us at or 704-687-0040. We look forward to working with you!

The following websites are dedicated to Transfer Students and offer helpful information: