How to Register for Services

The Process

At the college level, it’s important that students initiate the process with Disability Services themselves.

1. Submit current and relevant documentation of your disability to Disability Services for review. To download appropriate forms and for information on how to submit documentation, visit our Documentation page. Students new to Disability Services should submit their documentation through the secure DS Student Portal.

2. Documentation is reviewed by a DS staff member to determine eligibility for services. The review process typically takes 7 business days, though it may take longer during busier times such as at the start of a semester.

3. Once a determination is made, you are notified via your University email regarding eligibility status and next steps. If eligible, the next step is to schedule a Registration appointment with a DS staff member. In this appointment, you and your assigned DS staff member will engage in an interactive process to discuss needs and identify reasonable accommodations. This collaboration continues throughout your time at the University. Registration for services is not complete until you meet with your assigned DS staff member.

If eligible for services, it’s important to understand that accommodations are not retroactive, and only begin once you formally notify your faculty of your approved accommodations through the DS Portal.

In the event that eligibility for services cannot be determined, the email will detail this decision and next steps.