Reasonable accommodations are based upon documentation and the interactive process. Approval for reasonable accommodations happens during the Registration appointment with Disability Services.  The interactive process, a discussion with the student about the impact of their disability, is ongong. Students may speak with their DS assigned staff member about their accommodation needs throughout their time at UNC Charlotte. It is important to understand that accommodations are not retroactive and only start once students have notified their instructors by sending their Accommodation Letter(s) through the DS Portal.

Accommodations are:

  • determined on an individualized, case-by-case basis,
  • intended and necessary to provide the student with a disability meaningful access or an equal opportunity to gain the same benefits as non-disabled peers,
  • are designed to effectively address and remove the identified barrier to access,
  • to provide meaningful experiences like nondisabled peers by removing disability-related access barriers.

Accommodations do not:

  • lesson expectations required as a student or employee,
  • waive or lower essential requirements of courses, programs or degrees,
  • fundamentally alter course requirements or remove essential job functions,
  • guarantee success or an identical result as individuals without disabilities,
  • include personal use items/devices needed in accomplishing daily activities such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, wheelchairs, etc.

The following accommodations are available when appropriate: