Testing Accommodations

Reasonable testing accommodations are determined based on students’ documented disability needs and individual needs. Testing accommodations may include extended time, lower-distraction testing environment, use of a computer, assistive technology, and/or software.

Disability Services Test Center

Eligible students may receive testing accommodations within Disability Services. Plan ahead – because space is limited, we require that students follow testing procedures, including scheduling tests and final exams using the DS Portal. For more details on scheduling tests and exams visit our DS Portal page.

Students with testing accommodations meet with their DS counselor to arrange those accommodations and set up access to the DS Student Portal. Students must request their accommodations through the DS Student Portal before they can use the online Test Scheduling system. Advanced planning helps ensure we have space available and the accommodations are in place on test day. Students are responsible for scheduling their tests in the DS Student Portal and should have the following information handy in order to schedule:

  • Course
  • Date of the class test/final
  • Start time of the class test/final
  • Duration of the in-class test or final – note that the system will calculate extended test time if the student is eligible

Established scheduling deadlines help to ensure that space and proctoring requirements can be met. Scheduling deadlines are as follows:

Requests for taking finals in the DS office require several weeks notice and are listed above and posted within the DS Student Portal. Final exams have a different schedule than the regular semester, with specific start times as well as Saturday hours: please pay close attention to any emails you receive from DS regarding your final exam schedule

Canceling or Rescheduling
If you have already scheduled your test in the DS Student Portal, you will not be able to reschedule or cancel it yourself. Notify the DS office immediately regarding any changes to your scheduled tests or final exams so that we can assist you.

Proctored Tests in DS Test Center:

Policies and Proceedures

During the regular semester, the Test Center is open M-F, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, and your testing time must fit within that schedule. Plan carefully for your testing times, especially if you have night classes, late afternoon classes, or back-to-back classes.

All tests given in the Office of Disability Services are proctored and monitored with surveillance cameras, which are located in each of the testing rooms with Disability Services staff providing ongoing oversight during testing. Computer activity in the Test Center is also monitored. CELL PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE DS TEST CENTER NOR IN ANY DS SATELLITE TESTING LOCATIONS, SUCH AS THOSE USED DURING FINAL EXAMS. Students found cheating or in violation of the cell phone policy will be reported to their instructor(s).

If Faculty Provide Testing Accommodations

Faculty may accommodate students directly, and some faculty might prefer this. Advantages include that students have direct access to the instructor during the test or exam.

Plan Ahead: Students who request  for faculty to provide testing accommodationsmust work directly with their faculty and in advance of the exam. Planning ahead is critical: faculty may need to arrange the time, location, and staffing in order to provide exam accommodations effectively. Simply providing your professors with your Accommodation Letter is not the same as planning with faculty in advance of the test. Remember: Not all faculty are able to provide testing accommodations. They may recommend that in order for you to have your accommodations, you will need to test in the DS Test Center.