Class Notes

The accommodation of supplemental class notes is available for students with documented disabilities that support this need.

The Process

Recruitment of volunteer note takers is done electronically via the DS Portal. Students eligible for the supplemental class notes accommodation request a Note Taker via the DS Portal as follows:

  • Request the supplemental class notes accommodation in the Request Accommodations Letters section. You will not be able to request a note taker until you send your Accommodation Letter(s) through the Portal.
  • Next, go to the Request Note Taker/Download Class Notes section of the DS Portal and log in.
  • Your courses will be listed. For courses in which you require a note taker you will need to change the default “No” to “Yes” in the I REQUIRE A NOTE TAKER column for that specific course. To change “No” to “Yes,” click on “change this.”
  • When notes are available you will receive an email to your address. The email includes a link to the DS Portal Request Note Taker/ Download Class Notes section to download notes. Download your notes regularly.
  • Your identity is never shared with the volunteer note taker as notes are uploaded using a secure system.

In some instances, faculty may provide detailed notes, such as power points and outlines. In such cases, a note taker may not be secured. Notes may also not be required for lab or online courses. Note takers are not provided for 100% online courses.

Students agree to:

  • Attend all classes unless there is a medical/emergency excuse.
  • Take their own class notes because notes provided through our office are supplemental.
  • Check their UNC Charlotte email and DS Portal regularly.
  • Not share their class notes with other students.
  • Notify DS office if notes are not received.
  • Notify DS immediately if they withdraw from the course, no longer need this accommodation, or experience any issues with the note taking accommodation.

This service is to be utilized as a supplement to the notes that you take in class.

Volunteer note takers are recruited by Disability Services. An email is sent to the entire class stating that the DS office is requesting volunteer note takers. All correspondence is done confidentially, without including any identifying information of the student requesting notes or of the volunteer note taker.


  • Contact Disability Services if you are not receiving notes or if you experience any issues with the Portal system.
  • The accommodation of class notes can not be ensured when the request is made late in the semester as this process requires timely notification and is not retroactive. Students are not entitled to receive notes prior to the date of their registration or semester check in.
  • If a DS registered student or volunteer note taker drops or adds a course, contact Disability Services so that we can address note taking services appropriately.