Online Testing Accommodations


  • Only tests that are administered in person on campus may be taken in the DS Test Center.
  • All Online tests and final exams will be administered Online by faculty.
  • Accommodations will apply in the Online environment.
  • Assistive technology accommodations: Students who use assistive technology (screen readers, screen magnifiers, etc.) should have access to these technologies on their home computers.

Extended Time

If your students have extended time for tests, they will also need extended time for online tests. Unless efficiency/speed is the essential skill that is being assessed, students with this accommodation should be provided additional time for timed tests, quizzes, writing assignments, and labs.

  • Extended test time is calculated based on the amount of test time allotted for the whole class.
  • If all students in the class are given additional time as a way to accommodate the student with a disability, faculty are still required to provide the student with their extended time accommodation on top of that.
  • The extended time accommodation does not apply to take-home exams where the timeline is longer.

Links to instructions for extending time in Canvas are located at the bottom of your student’s Accommodation Letter under “Faculty Assistance for Providing Accommodations.” Detailed information is below.

Extending Time in Canvas

Students who have extended time on tests will need extended time for Online tests. Canvas allows faculty to extend the test time for one or more students without having to extend the test time for the entire class.

  • Canvas provides instructions on how to give extended test time to one or more students.
    • Note that quiz availability dates still apply when moderating a quiz. Remember to adjust the Until date. If the Until date, specified in the quiz settings for the class, passes when students are taking the quiz with extended time, the quiz auto-submits even if the student’s time extension has not expired.
    • Visit the OneIT Knowledge Base page, How do I extend the time for a student to take the quiz?” for step-by-step instructions.

For 24/7 assistance, contact Canvas Support at 1-877-257-9780 or by live online chat session.

Calculating Extended Time

To calculate extended test time for your student, multiply the amount of test time allowed all for students by the extended time accommodation.
For example:

  • 50 minute test multiplied by 50% extended time = 75 minutes (50 x 1.5=75 minutes)
  • 50 minute test multiplied by 100% extended time = 1 hour, 40 minutes (50 x 2=100 minutes)