Personal Care Attendant

Students with disabilities who require support for activities of daily living are responsible for making appropriate arrangements to secure and employ their personal care attendant(s). Proper planning and early notification are crucial components to making the transition to college successful. It is important that the need for a personal care attendant is included on the documentation form submitted to the Office of Disability Services. Attendant information and appropriate documentation should be submitted to Disability Services as soon as the admission acceptance decision is made.  For further information on documenting your disability with Disability Services, please visit our page on Registering with Disability Services.

In addition to providing appropriate disability documentation, students requiring personal care attendants must also submit the completed Personal Attendant Form, available on our Documentation page, to Disability Services.

Living on Campus with Your Attendant

If a student who uses an attendant plans to live on campus, that student must follow campus processes to ensure all involved departments, including Housing and Residence Life, are informed. To help students with those processes, we created the Student Checklist for Attendants on Campus. Following this checklist will help students navigate the necessary steps for providing access for their attendant(s).

Attendant's Role

To determine if a personal care attendant is needed, students will need to assess their skills and abilities with their medical provider, vocational rehabilitation counselor, or case manager. Personal care attendants assist individuals in completing activities of daily living such as eating, dressing, grooming, personal hygiene, maintenance of personal living environment, lifting, and transfering/transporting.

  • The cost and maintenance of services for a personal care attendant remain the responsibility of the student. 

Local Agencies

Listed below are a sampling of agencies within the Charlotte area that offer personal care attendants. However, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte does not endorse any one specific health care provider.

Maxim Healthcare Service

200 Providence Rd. Ste 205
Charlotte, NC 28207

Home HealthCare by CLC

2608 Cochrane Drive
Charlotte, NC 28269

PSA Home Healthcare

5029 W WT Harris Blvd. Ste A
Charlotte, NC 28269-1867

Comfort Home Health Care

1373 E Morehead St
Charlotte, NC 28204